Thursday, July 24, 2008

Change(s) in Scenery - Fallon, NV (Day 57)

110 miles. Mostly downhill. I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong. This morning we woke at 4am to a lovely mix of songs courtesy of Hubie. You know it’s early when you are already awake and moving about when the rooster crows.

The desert was absolutely beautiful during the sunrise, however, making most of us forger we were running on little sleep. After a few miles, we took a long descent onto the desert floor, and the terrain changed from canyons and shrubs to mostly sand. Anyone on the team will tell you that today was not only filled with many scenery changes, but also some very weird sites.

Our lunch stop was set up under a very large tree. Yet this wasn’t just a tree to provide us with some much needed shade. We dubbed the tree the ‘Shoe Tree’ because hundreds and hundreds of shoes were either hanging from its branches or strewn about underneath. We debated for a while what sort of cult-like activity people out here were up to with this tree, but no consensus was reached.

Following the tree, and after another nice downhill, we again found ourselves biking in the open desert. My group of Yogi, Meg, and myself started noticing some odd warning signs posted on fences lining the road. Meg got curious, stopped her bike in the middle of the road, and decided to walk over and check them out. The signs said something along the lines of “Restricted Area – Keep Out,” so we immediately decided it must be some top secret military nuclear site. Sounds cool, right?

We came upon some really spectacular salt flats near the end of the day, and saw hundreds of messages written out on the sand with rocks along the road. We dubbed it ‘western graffiti.’ A long day, but, as always, some amazing sights along the way.

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